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oubaas 25.01.08 - 06:17pm
Dont be shy. Let the world know how good GOD were 4 u! (pray) *** I receive lot's of prayer requests, but sadly hardly any word of good things that happened to people. More testimonies at Oppie Koffie *** Come share you testimonies. Kom deel jou getuienis by Donkies vir Jesus / Donkeys for Jesus

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oubaas 25.01.08 - 06:25pm
Well what can I say? After I left my wife I were jobless, broke and no car. I landed in a disastorous relationship (sad2) For 2 years I were depressed like an overripe tomato. Untill one day when I decided to call Jesus Christ. (pray) He heard me. Soon I had a job and b4 I had a payslip I had a car to go to work and visit my children with. (happy) Thank You Father Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me so richly. Thank You 4 Ur unconditional Love. (love2) In Jesus Name. Amen! *

mariaan 25.01.08 - 09:08pm
Congratulations, u took the right turn. Phil. 4:13 for i can do all things through Christ which strengthen me amen *

oubaas 26.01.08 - 03:52am
(thank_you) God is great! (good) *

oubaas 11.02.08 - 09:59am
I got the following testimony from the MyPrayer web site, and the owner of the testimony gave me permission to publish it.


oubaas 11.02.08 - 10:01am
This story is not a story to promote anybody or anything, but to make people understand that there are people in life that God called, for a great purpose and meaning, even in the hardest cir tances and this, those people, hope, faith, and love, is a testimony of God that is alive in us, He is real. There is a man I met, and his name is Francois Zietsman.
My name is Jenny Victor, from Usakos, Namibia. Ive been recently in South Africa for the December holiday, visiting my daughter in Vanderbijlpark.
All prayer partners know of Francois, through the My Prayer Ministry.
Here was I in a foreign land, not the type of people I would say is people that I can relate to, because they are people of this world, and to be real honest, I had a battle to keep myself faithful in Christ. There were times I could not understand why I was there and what the purpose for it was.
All I know before I went, I would like to meat this man, from My Prayer Ministry; I had no idea how or where. After all South Africa is big, in my mind I hoped.
One day, one of those days I was nearly at my end of giving up any hope of understanding life and the meaning of my own life, and then a call came on my daughters phone. It was Francois, it just felt I could open up to him, there he talked to me and gave me hope and what happened? He lives in Vanderbijlpark too. Is that not God?
We arranged for a meeting after Christmas to meet in the Vaal Mall, at a coffee shop.
I really was at a low point, and but very excited to meet him. I didnt know what to expect. I hope for those who met him, will feel the same as I did.
How many times do we as individually think weve got it all, and this is the worse thing that happened to me, well I was and afterwards I thought again? I even repented of self-righteousness. I had a good look of life again.
Here is this man in a wheelchair, with one leg one eye; he had a car accident when he was a child. And as you can say, anything that could go wrong did with him. The battle and things that happened to him from childhood to where he is today, is something I myself dont think I would handled very well. I believe the world hid him hard and that the enemy of this world wants him dead or destroyed. He is alive today, and what does he do? He is a Man of Love, of Faith, of Hope to Others. He is a living testimony of Jesus Christ, through His blood, and through the Cross. This is God; this is reality of the true living Christ in us and in our lives.
Even My Prayer Ministry did not start for himself, but for his sisters son, and now it is for all of us.
All I know that God called him for a great purpose and meaning, that is why I believe that prayers through his Ministry for others, prayers for this Ministry and for him from others must become part of your daily prayer life and that the Ministry would grow and increase greatly.
My request is today that people would pray for Francois and the Ministry. So that his testimony, of Love, Hope and Faith can reach the whole World and touch every bodys heart.
I thank you Francois, you meant a lot to me, you truly give me new hope, faith and love from Christ Jesus, for my life and my Ministry. Stay that way, do not change, God loves you, He truly loves you. With all my love and great wishes for you and your family in 2008.
Your sister in Christ
Jenny Victor
Theresa Victor (Sister)

oubaas 16.03.08 - 03:54pm
'n Inwoner van 'n woonstelblok vertel die volgende: Onlangs met 'n sopkombuis was daar 'n krisis. Daar was nog baie monde om te voed maar daar was nix oor ni. Sy weet di mense waar sy bly is ni baie vrygewig ni. Sy vra God om haar te help. Sy klop by di eerste woonstel aan en sowaar sonder boe of ba het sy R20. So het dit aangegaan totdat sy R100 het vir genoeg viennas en rolle om baie mense te voed. Prys die HERE! *

redro 16.03.08 - 07:08pm
vir 2 dae was ek baie siek ek het nie gedink ek gan weer uit die hospitaal kom ni ma al die gebed en ondestening wat ek gekry het het my so baie gehelp ek het die warmte van GODS Liefde dat ek so veel beter voel vandag dankie aan almal en aan GOD al die eer *

oubaas 17.03.08 - 05:28am
Amen. Prys die Here! *

oubaas 21.03.08 - 08:23pm
Ek was Vrydag 21 Maart, 2008 op 'n Paasdiens by die AGS Herlewingsentrum, Sasolburg waar 'n oom wat vir 37 jaar 'n alkoholis was getuienis afgele het. Wat 'n belewenis! Prys die Here! *

oubaas 31.03.08 - 01:50pm
Today I want to testify the following: About 2 and a half years ago I had serious hipertention, water retention, spasma in the neck, back problems and prostate gland problems. I went to the hospital for treatment. For 18 months I had to go every month for medcine. Last year *2007* during February I was admitted to hospital with all abovementioned symptoms plus I developed heart, lung and kidney problems. I still had to go for treatment every month. On 1 March 2008 a pastor layed hands on me and prayed for me. So far, I am off the water pilss. I am off the Brufens. I am off the blood pressure pills. I am off the prostste pills. Wow! Thank you LORD JESUS for Your healing power. I am getting stronger by the day, and I know that You are going to heal me completely. In Jesus Name. A very BIG thank you for everyone who is praying for me in this regard! God bless! *

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