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festus36 14.03.13 - 07:11pm
I account you as one of internet ministry Generals of our time. A leader with a passion to bless humanity. You have blessed countless number of souls, both on the internet and outside the internet. Though we never met face to face, but it was as if we lived together, from Prodigits to Oppie Koffie Christian community as co-owners and on Facebook (Oppie Koffie group), we worked together. You left so suddenly and created a vacuum that only God can fill. If you had remained, humanity would have still been further enriched by your undying passion to bless, but now you are with The Lord which is great gain. The works you did and left behind are as apples of gold in the pictures of silver: they will continue to shine forth in the heart of those that find them.
When you were here your life was a challenge to many of us and it helped us to put all we have into the Masters business. Your departure, however has thrown to us a greater challenge to do more and die empty.
Farewell great friend and great leader. We shall see during the Marriage Supper of The Lamb. We will recognize ourselves everyone of us who never had the opportunity of meeting in our lifetime.


oubaas 15.08.13 - 01:27am
Thank you festus, Im sure my brother were honoured to have friends like you in his life. Regards, Estelle *

festus36 22.09.14 - 11:08pm
Estelle, thank u. Your brother was impressive. He derserved more honor than that. *

endtimes 8.06.18 - 08:12am
We miss you oubaas *

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