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Subject: My life at a mission.
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oubaas 3.06.11 - 11:52pm
http://oppie-koffie.co.uk/index.php CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW ADDRESS OF OPPIE KOFFIE *

monarch5 11.06.11 - 04:19am
you should come to california. Oubaassad.GIF *

oubaas 11.06.11 - 05:59pm
Maybe one day I will! Thank you for the guestbook entry. See you soon. GBU. *

gawie 4.07.11 - 07:47pm
To all the Afrikaans speaking readers, here are the link to a topic I wrote about the white squatters (wit plakkers) in South Africa http://oubaas.wapgroups.com/topic.asp?tid=149871 *

stof 7.07.11 - 07:29pm
Gaan loer in op http://www.betlehem.co.za Dit is die direkte roete na die Oord se webwerf. Daar sal jy heerlik kan saamkuier en deel. *

oubaas 7.07.11 - 08:23pm
Baie dankie Stof. Goed om jou hier te sien! *

oubaas 7.07.11 - 08:33pm
Terloops, daar is 'n direkte skakel na die werf asook na die gebedsforum en Afrikaanseforum by die skakels bladsy smile.GIF *

oubaas 5.08.11 - 12:00pm
It is with sad hearts that we are saying goodbye to Louise. When me and Lida started the prayer and worship group, she and Lyn were the first two members of the group.

oubaas 5.08.11 - 12:01pm
Steven Botha also joined the group 2 weeks ago. Welcome with us Steven. I will publish a testimony (By Grace) of Steven in due course. *

monarch5 14.08.11 - 12:24am
sorry to hear that *

oubaas 14.08.11 - 08:26pm
I am sure she will be happy where she are now! *

oubaas 31.08.11 - 11:59am
Last Tuesday we had a visit from Jaco Strydom and a young lad Petrus of ECHO Youth Development http://www.echoyouth.co.za/ . We had a very blessed evening. *

oubaas 31.08.11 - 12:02pm
Last night Jaques Botes of the Nooddieste Kapelaansdienste and Liezel, Petro and Carmen visited us. Jaques gave us a good word. *

oubaas 31.08.11 - 12:43pm
Yvette urgently need a single bed mattress. The one she uses is worn out. *

oubaas 31.08.11 - 12:44pm
Lida got a solar inverter but need a solar panel and suitable battery for it. *

oubaas 9.09.11 - 09:26pm
What a spirit filled evening we had! Marius Snyman who is currently studying for pastor invited a couple of us to attend his lectures about Systematic Theology (Sistematiese Teologie). In total we were 10 attending it. 6 of us are from the mission. Me, Lida, Yvette, Sarie, Steven and Margaret. Sarie is also part of our Tuesday group now. *

oubaas 13.09.11 - 07:40pm
d*mn my radio packed up cry2.GIF How am I going to listen to the Rugby World Cup broadcasts now? nervous.GIF *

oubaas 13.09.11 - 07:49pm
LEES OOK ASB. DIE ONDERWERP WIT PLAKKERS http://oubaas.wapgroups.com/topic.asp?tid=149871 *

oubaas 20.09.11 - 08:32pm
And so Tickey, the little doggy of Lida, gave birth to 3 puppies tonight. She escaped to my wendy for the occation. Sad news is that only 1 survived. *

oubaas 20.09.11 - 08:34pm
We have a bread crisis atm. Please pray that provision are made for a bread supply. *

gawie 2.10.11 - 06:06pm
I got a bit of a shock this morning. I woke up just after 6am and heard Lida talking outside to somebody. I decided to stay in bed for a while because it was cold and I am a bit sick. Just after 7 I woke up again. Something outside at the back door of my wendy drew my attention. At first I thought Oom Dennis who stays in the caravan did some washing and that the wind has blown it off the line during the night. But soon I realised it is a human lying there. I went out to see who it was and found the body of Oom Tony there, who was very ill the past few days. RIP Oom Tony. May God be with your family during this difficult time. *

bruinkop 3.10.11 - 12:38pm
RIP Oom Tony and may God help your family.GOD be with your family *

oubaas 12.10.11 - 09:26pm
Lida and Marina had an awesome weekend in the tradional black township Stinkwater, near Soshanguve. Will give detail in due course. *

oubaas 12.10.11 - 09:29pm
And so Steven and Margaret got married tonight. Pastor Thys Janse van Rensburg married them at his townhouse at Lynette Park, near Doornpoort, Pretoria. Me and Lide signed as witnesses. May the Lord bless the marriage abundantly. *

oubaas 14.10.11 - 09:12pm
There is a lot of chaos around white squatters at the moment. The Tshwane Metro Council are starting to relocate some people already. Please read this http://m.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=213871585346653&refid=22&_rdr214579858609159 *

oubaas 14.10.11 - 09:19pm
I have information regarding other camps that are being targeted too, but can't give information because of the sensitivity of the matter. *

oubaas 17.10.11 - 04:15pm
I have posted this at facebook today. Ek het hierdie op facebook geplaas vandag: Die wit plakker kwessie. Beleef hoe 'n wit plakker wat ek ken voel http://www.lida.sukijaki.co.za/ en besoek asb. ook gereeld my huidige onderwerp: WIT PLAKKERS - Oordeel? http://oubaas.wapgroups.com/topic.asp?tid=149871
vir gereelde opdaterings. Deel asb hierdie met ander mense. *

oubaas 1.11.11 - 08:18pm
Marina found an outside job and left us Monday 31/10/2011. *

oubaas 1.11.11 - 08:20pm
Tonight we had a very special guest, namely Angela Reed from Impact Radio. Pity time caught up on us . . . . . *

gawie 11.11.11 - 03:34pm
Donkies vir Jesus / Donkeys for Jesus:

Mobile: http://m.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_304095766282805&view=info&refid=0

Web: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_304095766282805&view=info&refid=0

For the latest news and updates please visit: http://oubaas.wapgroups.com/topic.asp?tid=155636

Get involved. Invite a few friends. / Raak betrokke. Nooi 'n paar vriende. *

oubaas 15.11.11 - 08:10am
Our sincere symphaty with Arnold Crause, the owner of Betlehem Mission, for the lost of his brother Flip at the age of 63 this morning. Flip suffered from diabetics. R.I.P Flip. *

oubaas 22.12.11 - 10:33am
Lot's of things happened while I have been quiet here. Mostly blessings of course. The latest is that we received a lot of frozen chickens today after lots of prayers for meat. Thank you Jesus! I myself also had my share of blessings. A solution for my cellphone charging problem was given to me out of the blue. Once again: Thank you Jesus! *

oubaas 22.12.11 - 11:07am
To the person who speaks false of me and other members of Donkeys for Jesus: I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT DONKEYS FOR JESUS ARE NOT PART OF THE BETLEHEM MISSION. NOR ARE WE COMPETITION TO IT OR ANY OTHER SUPPORT GROUP.. The words you utter are full of deadly deceit. Wicked lies roll of your tongue. Dangerous threats rolls off your lips. Your speech are full of bitter curses. *

oubaas 22.12.11 - 11:10am
STOP IT!! IN JESUS NAME! Peace be upon you. *

oubaas 25.01.12 - 08:47pm
En toe het ons gisteraand 'n baie geseende aand gehad. Stofluis brought a guest of honor, Sarel Strydom, with him to our regular Tuesday evening session to entertain us. What a talented man he is! He can be more than usefull to Donkeys for Jesus in the future

oubaas 25.01.12 - 08:48pm
Lida verlaat ons op 1 Februarie 2012. Lees die storie hier; http://m.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_304095766282805&view=permalink&id=365644043461310&refid=7&_ft_a=1177475984&_ft_tf=365644043461310&_ft_ti=308&_ft_sai=2915120374&_ft_aoi=304095766282805&_ft_fth=9dff6ff4faaf3b6e&_ft_time_ft=1327475556 *

oubaas 24.04.12 - 05:18am
Tickey waiting for me to climb in bed lastnite: http://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3678331355033&id=1177475984&refid=0&_ft_=src.24%3Asty.308%3Aactrs.1177475984%3Apub_time.1335209889%3Afbid.10151487424704897%3As_obj.4%3As_edge.1%3As_prnt.11%3Aft_story_name.StreamStoryGroupMallPost%3Aobject_id.57350209896 *

gawie 8.05.12 - 10:20am
Lida phoned me last nite and said she is concerned about her safety. All of a sudden there are criminal activities in the area where she stay. She asked that we should agree in prayer that the Lord protects her and if it is His will that she moves to a safer environment. If the latter is the case, then she would like to move back to the West Moot area (Hercules) of Pretoria.
She mentioned that she could afford about R2000 per month. *

gawie 8.05.12 - 10:25am
In the meantime the management of the mission appointed 5 residents as prayer warriors. It is expected from us to gather every morning from 10:15 to 11:00 for a prayer session. We started on Thursday 3 May 2011. May the LORD bless all the prayers. *

oubaas 24.05.12 - 02:42pm
Iemand vra my of die wendy huise lekker warm is in die winter?
Dit was vanmore +1 in my wendy. Volgende maand kan hy tot -8 val! Dan se hul Sutherland is koud! *

oubaas 13.06.12 - 07:58pm
Teologie student gaan woon tussen 'wit plakkers'.

Wow is dit nie wonderlik nie. Ernest 'n 1se jaar student aan teologie kom vir 'n paar dae op die mission tussen ons woon om 1stehandse kennis op te doen oor hoe ons lewe. Mag die Here hom sen vir sy bereidwilligheid! *

oubaas 11.07.12 - 04:58am
Wees gegroet in die wonderlike naam van Jesus.

Gisteraaod 'n baie gesende aand saam met Stof gehad. Ons het oor dinge gepraat wat pla, oor ons behoeftes, oor ons seninge en nog vele ander sake. Ons het lank en diep gebid vir alles. Ook vir die versoeke wat ons hier plaas en ontvang asook vir die wat ons privaat ontvang.
Mag Jesus almal sen in al hul behoeftes. 'n Dag gevul met vreugde en vrede word almal toegewens. *

oubaas 1.10.12 - 07:02pm
Steven Botha is vanoggend in Kalafong Hospitaal oorlede nadat hy gisteraand laat per ambulans by die mission weggeneem is.
Hy het in Februarie vanjaar 'n groot maagoperasie gehad en was sedertien baie swak en siek.
Voor sy siekte het hy gereeld Dinsdagaande saam met ons vergader om die Woord. Hy het tot onlangs nog gereeld die daaglikse biduur bygewoon as sy kragte dit toegelaat het.
Ons meegevoel aan Margaret. Mag die Vader haar krag gee in hierdie moeilike tyd.
Mag hy in vrede rus.
Ons gaan jou mis. *

oubaas 25.01.13 - 04:36pm
X *

oubaas 25.01.13 - 04:38pm
Lot's of things happened in the meantime. Due to a lack of time I find it difficult to update this post. Please be patient with me. *

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