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Subject: My life at a mission.
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oubaas 28.09.10 - 08:16am
PLEASE BOOKMARK - BOEKMERK ASB. The Betlehem Resort, Betlehem Project, Betlehem Mission, Betlehem House or Betlehem Mission Centre, formerly known as the Andeon Resort, west of Pretoria are situated at the Andeon Small Holdings near the Zandfontein Cemetry. It is near the Lewendewoord, Westerlig Church. It is easily reachable when traveling north from the Daspoort Tunnel. Drive down in Bremer Street across the Mabopane highway and turn left in Sarel Street which become Beverley Road. About 300 meters after the entrance of the cemetry you will find us (Plot 46). This is where I am staying since 2 October, 2010.
This topic will also be posted at http://m.facebook.com/groups/57350209896?view=group&refid=7&_rdr NB!! Facebook users or outside visitors who want to join this group must do the following: 1) Join http://prodigits.co.uk 2) Go to Find Friends and search for Oubaas. 3) On my profile you will see: View his groups (owned) Join the OUBAAS group and my other groups too please. 4) View the Topics link and you will find this topic. 5) Should you wish to contact me on Facebook, I am Gawie Janse van Rensburg http://m.facebook.com/Oubaas55?refid=5. My profile picture is a little boy in a bucket. Thank you. The quick link to this topic is http://oubaas.mobigroups.com/forum/?page=topics2&tid=130224 LEES OOK ASB. DIE ONDERWERP WIT PLAKKERS http://oubaas.mobigroups.com/forum/?page=topics2&tid=149871&p=1 *

oubaas 28.09.10 - 08:22am
There are currently a website with information about the resort, but most of the content are in Afrikaans. I will try and negotiate with the webmaster to make available an English version as well, as I do know him and he is also involved there. You can however view some photos by clicking on the Foto Toer link. The address is http://haleluja.co.za I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT DONKEYS FOR JESUS ARE NOT PART OF THE MISSION. NOR ARE WE COMPETITION TO IT OR ANY OTHER SUPPORT GROUP. *

oubaas 28.09.10 - 08:26am
A short description of what is going on here. Currently there are 24 wooden cottages (wendys), 1 caravan and 1 park home at the resort and there stay 40 plus people. A new shelter that can accomodate +- 15 beds will be completed soon. Arnold Crause the owner of the resort started the place about 11 years ago when he started picking up homeless people from the streets.
I will for the time being stay in the park home which are devided into 2 sections. *

oubaas 28.09.10 - 08:29am
Everybody staying here get 3 meals per week day, 2 meals on Sa ays and Sundays, which are all supplied out of donations. We also get coffee or tea with breakfast and at 10:00 and lunch time we get cold drink to drink. Arnold does not beg for anything. He is planning to put op 15 more cottages in the near future. All his needs are met purely by faith and through prayers. There are currently 1 ablution block, devided in a male and female section, with running hot water from solar heated geysers, but NO electricity. People staying there will be supplied of bedding and warm clothes if needed. *

oubaas 28.09.10 - 08:30am
All other needs like candles, bath soap, refreshments, etc are for the residents own account. Some cottages do have a little solar charged light, for lighting at nite. Facilities to charge cellphone batteries are limited. Those who does not have a job work in the lands and the ladies must help in the kitchen in exchange for their stay there. I am in control of the tool store. Those who does have an outside job must pay a small fee for their stay here.

oubaas 28.09.10 - 08:31am
Arnold himself is an ordained pastor and he got a full time pastor who runs 2 full services there on Sundays as well as a midweek service on Wednesday evenings. Each day's procedings are started with a small script reading and prayer session.


oubaas 28.09.10 - 08:33am
They are also much involved with other charity activities and runs 2 soup kitchens at the suburbs of Daspoort and Elandspoort (Danville) and donated clothing and blankets are also handed out to the poor twice a week there. *

oubaas 28.09.10 - 08:35am
The litlle church can do with some good musical equipment and some other audio and video devices, or even a live band for the morning services. It might sound very luxurious but that is not the case at all. But for a lot of people that is PARADISE after a life of sleeping under bridges and on shop stoeps. Thank you JESUS.

oubaas 28.09.10 - 08:36am
Once there, I will post more information about other activities that takes place there. *

jewely31 29.09.10 - 04:08am
I feel relieved and thank God that u have place to stay rather than those who are called street sleeper. Bethlehem biblically that is the place where Jesus born and He was place in a menger. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords but yet He was not even born and live in a decent place. So u are stil lucky my frend that u have cottage to stay. Take care and God bless. hug.GIF *

oubaas 29.09.10 - 06:01am
Amen. Thank you my lovely friend. God Bless you too. *

oubaas 2.10.10 - 09:30am
At my destination. Busy CLEANING and unpacking. *

oubaas 3.10.10 - 08:02pm
Wow what a great service we had tonight! Thank you LORD JESUS for welcomeing me back into Your flock. I praise Your HOLY NAME for it amen. hurray.GIF *

kdaisy 4.10.10 - 12:03am
Wow, I am so excited for you my dear friend! I visited all the websites and I am truly convinced that our Father God is at the Head there. Father is The Rudder of that ship!! Glory!! What a wonderful man of God Arnold are! I am so happy that God crossed your path with Bethlehem Resort and this ministry opportunities, Oubaas. They are Blessed to have you my friend hug.GIF I would love for you to keep an online journal of your each and every day for us. To share and fellowship in, and for us to pray and intercede for the ministry. Please, do tell us more. Thank you for being a truly great guy Oubaas. We love you. Hugs for you my dear dear friend. XX *

oubaas 4.10.10 - 07:05am
Thank you so much my friend. I will try my very best for sure. We experience a food crisis at the moment but I am confident that God wont let us down. May you be blessed to. *

iilmadme 4.10.10 - 09:57am
Am so glad for you,oub.This sounds a very inspiring place hug.GIFx *

oubaas 4.10.10 - 10:47am
Very inspiring indeed. *

oubaas 4.10.10 - 05:44pm
I have been put in charge of the tool store in exchange for my stay at the resort. I am currently busy sorting out the place to make it look more like a store. *

monarch5 6.10.10 - 09:06pm
You are truly Blessed oubaas. I am happy for you. And arnold gives me hope, knowing ppl are there, like himhug.GIFi pray its safe for you *

kdaisy 7.10.10 - 08:02am
Hi Mona hug.GIF *

kdaisy 7.10.10 - 08:09am
Hi Oubaas hug.GIF How's it going at the tools shop? Organizing and making the place look grand yes? I'm sorry to hear about your car but am thrilled to be a witness to your amazing positive attitude. You're a beautiful example, trusting Father, holding fast to your crown, praise God! God Blessed you my friend xx *

oubaas 7.10.10 - 11:39am
Thank you monarch. Yes I am really blessed and thankfull for what I have. It is better than sitting on street. *

oubaas 7.10.10 - 11:44am
Hi kdaisy. I am working hard to get it sorted out but once that is done I can relax a bit. Yeah ironically the man of the pickup truck that took the car away once also lost everything he had. He said to me he hates his job but at least he got an income. My belief is that what life takes away from you, you will get back in threefold. A blessed day for you. *

monarch5 8.10.10 - 08:47pm
Hi kdaisy and oubaas. You are right about better then the street. But be careful there, satan has a way of slipping in and tricking, in shelters. I pray you are safe brother. I got really scared and sic with walking nuemonia in one before. I am praying for you my brother.hug.GIFlooks like, i may end up homeless soon, if i dont find a live in companion job soon. You know oubaas, i have been very Blessed, in the different kinds of employment, i have had in my life. I liked them all. Now i am limited to very light duty work, because of my disability. But i know God will be there for me, like He is for youhug.GIFi send much love and respect to you oubaas and kdaisy *

monarch5 8.10.10 - 08:54pm
I truly care and pray for you my brother. Luv youkiss2.GIFyou and kdaisy geea hischild are very special angels, and help many with your inspiring faith online. You will all have a special place in my heart. Alwayslove3.GIF *

oubaas 9.10.10 - 05:02pm
Thank you so much my friend. At the moment it is summer here. Our winter starts in June and hopefully I will be out of here by then. I really appreciate your concern and I pray that you will find a better life too soon. I also appreciate the support and encouragement I get from you, Hischild, geea and kdaisy as well as from my friends at Oppie Koffie and on Facebook. May the Lord bless you all. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. *

monarch5 10.10.10 - 12:30pm
Amenhug.GIF *

oubaas 10.10.10 - 07:42pm
This week till next Sunday we are having a prayer and song festival. I really enjoy it. Praise the Lord. *

oubaas 10.10.10 - 08:00pm
It is an ordinary tent service with a song and worshopping theme where people testifies and thanking Him for what He is doing and still are going to do for us. Tonight was great. We were singing and praising for 3 hours. People walking down the street joined us an really enjoyed themselfs! Hallelujah. *

kdaisy 12.10.10 - 04:42pm
pray.GIF You've been on my mind lately Oubaas. Praying for you xx *

oubaas 13.10.10 - 08:42pm
Amen. Thank you kdaisy. I appreciate it. Enjoy the rest of ur week? *

oubaas 13.10.10 - 08:46pm
Our Heavenly Father really IS faithful, He would not have made you if His arms could not embrace you... He would not have called you if His Power could not enable you... He would not have lead you if His presence could not keep you... He would not have gifted you if His hand could not BLESS you... He would not have told you to trust Him if He could not provide for you. You are Blessed by His love!!! Praise Him! *

kdaisy 15.10.10 - 12:45am
latch.GIF Oubaas *

oubaas 15.10.10 - 07:26am
hifive.GIF kdaisy *

oubaas 16.10.10 - 07:59pm
oops2.GIF Somebody locked the topic accidentally . . . *

monarch5 17.10.10 - 01:42pm
kiss2.GIF *

oubaas 17.10.10 - 03:56pm
blush.GIF hehe. *

oubaas 18.10.10 - 11:28am
We need your prayers please. Our sugar, milk, coffee, tea and meat supllies are critically low at the moment. May the Lord see to our needs. *

monarch5 18.10.10 - 09:10pm
Amen:'(pray.GIFalso for me. Amen *

oubaas 19.10.10 - 05:52am
Amen. You are in my prayers my lovely friend. God bless. *

oubaas 19.10.10 - 04:49pm
Here are the full list of our immediate needs:
sugar (suiker),
milk powder (melkpoeier),
maize/ cake meal (koekmeel),
mealie meal (mieliemeel),
coffee (koffie),
rice (rys),
vleis (meat),
tea (tee),
spices and salt (speserye en sout) fresh fruit and vegetables (vars vrugte en groente) Our cook can bottle fruit and we can sell it for funds to purchase other requirements. *

kdaisy 20.10.10 - 12:55am
Hi Oubaas my friend hug.GIF I am praying for you guys. It would be good if you could post Arnold's full banking details here. Anyone that feels lead by the Holy Spirit will then be able to contribute in a physical manner, especially those who are far away from you guys. Xx *

oubaas 20.10.10 - 11:28am
Thank you my friend. Good idea good2.GIF. I will ask his permission and get the details from him. Enjoy your day. *

kdaisy 25.10.10 - 02:31am
hug.GIF Oubaas *

oubaas 25.10.10 - 04:52am
hug.GIF kdaisy. A blessed day and week to you. Thank you for your prayers. *

oubaas 26.10.10 - 08:44am
Thank you Jesus. Thank you for putting people like the Africa Food For The Hungry organisation on our way to supply the poor with meals.

On Monday 25 October, 2010 Africa Food For The Hungry (AFFH) arrived at Bethlehem Resort with 25 boxes of those self heating food parcels. Each box contains 8 meals and these meals are very delicious. This all happened after one of my good friends on Facebook, Tersia Fourie, gave them a hint. Thank you Tersia for your help. AFFH also indicated that they are eager to assist Bethlehem Resort with more goodies.

The AFFH are part of a huge international network supplying the hungry with food. To read more about them visit http://www.affh.co.za *

monarch5 27.10.10 - 01:00am
Thats awesome(eat)the worst thing to ever go through, is weakness and hunger. Physical pain is nothing compared to it. Believe me, i know. Oubaas im so glad, they will continue to Bless you allpray.GIF *

oubaas 27.10.10 - 04:24am
Thank you my friend. Yes yesterday we had no bread for lunch so those food came in very handy! *

oubaas 28.10.10 - 04:30pm
Things are starting to move here. On Sunday I will be sworn in into the church council and from Monday I will be General Supervisor of the resort. I also received good news regarding the generation of an income for the resort. Maybe it can expand and then we can create job opportunities for the unemployed. Praise God. *

kdaisy 29.10.10 - 01:14am
That's fantastic Oubaas!! hurray.GIF *

oubaas 29.10.10 - 04:24am
Thank you my friend. Have a lovely day. *

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